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Sandy Hook Elementary School Bill 



Senator Udall,


My name is Michael. I am a constituent of yours here in the great state of Colorado. I want to take this moment in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting to propose to you an Idea for a new Gun Control bill that I think you, your Fellow Democrats and Republicans should get on board with and pass into law. Now the following parts are an idea from a friend of mine who is a former U.S. Service member. His name is Paul, but his ideas, strike me as approriate and wll help to safeguard not only future citizens but also our rights as American citizens and our 2nd Amendment.


They are as follows:


1) Psychological evaluation required before buying any gun. If you don't pass, you don't get a gun.

2) A 100%, non-revocable ban on all assault weapons. No exceptions.

3) A 100% non-revocable ban on all "extended" magazines. No exceptions

4) Mandatory training in handling, cleaning and safe use of guns and rifles before being allowed to own either one.

5) Mandatory registration, along with rifling patterns of rounds, for all guns and rifles.

6) Revocation of gun ownership for failure to safely store guns and rifles which are accessible by minors. 

7) Automatic death sentence possibility for anyone using a gun in the commission of a crime.

8) If a family member gains access to your guns with or with out your consent. You as the owner will be held to account as accessory after the fact for any crimes committed by that family members use of the fire arm.


This bill is very simple, if you want to own a gun you need to do these things. Also the gun owner would have to be held accountable for the actions. Senator we need common sense laws to safe guard our lively hood and our lives. This Bill will enable us to do so, please help us. Get this measure passed.



Michael J. Simmons.



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