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The whole issue of Daddy/Daughter Role Play...

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Something on my mind...

I am putting this out here, because it is weighting on my mind. My mother is dying of cancer. I am a proverbial screw up, I have joked in the past on how it is I will not be able to get out of debt fully and have a comfortable existence where I can work and still have money in the bank (etc... etc...). Life it seems is not with out it's irony. I will inherent money and it seems that once I have my bankruptcy is filed, I will finally get my wish.  


Every so often when I am on EP, I come across some posting/group about how someone wants there wife or husband humiliated in sexual acts; or even how they themselves are humiliating their spouse or S/O because he or she is not enough for them in bed. I have to stop myself from commenting back about how if that is the case, why are you still with them. Does it give you that much enjoyment to make them suffer that they cannot fulfill your need, but yet you still keep leading them on in a relationship that has no more joy, pleasure or love. Also I will go further even though it will be bias in nature. But some of the I've gone Black and never will go back crowd irritates me to know end.  I know that some folks are larger then others in the area of male attributes, but it seems they go out of their way to rub it in our faces. Frankly, I don't mind if someone has found a lover no matter what their skin tone or culture is. Why make such a production about it?

Help Save TUle Lake

Tule Lake: Is a World War II Japanese Internment Camp that has been left to the ravages of time to remove. So far that has done a pretty good job. But now that is not enough. This area is a landmark that needs to be saved and made into a National Park so that we as Americans can remember when we let fear; anger, grief, hatred and ignorance blind us to the plight of those who were our fellow Americans.,_World_War_II_Valor_in_the_Pacific_National_Monument
But now the FAA wants to build a fence around it and allow no one to gain access to this Historical sight. Help us to fight this issue, Tule Lake like the other internment camps in the U.S. should remain open and unbarred. We need to remember.
Petition to save it:

Babies are magick...

    It is a miracle in this day and age, when we look upon babies. Especially when they are born to a family that is mixed, it is the unique aspect of genetics. When I look upon a child I have to wonder about the mix that made that child. To me this is the ultimate in being a human being. It is the ultimate in magick to me, this is what God is to me. Maybe it is the romantic in me, but it always fascinates me when I wonder about what those chromosomes are making when a pregnant woman passes me by. I so want to share in that moment.  

So what is it going to be GOP...

So I have had a thought, Since our Government System requires the approval of Congress in the House and the Senate. This means that the GOP controlled House has a chance to really save some face and Vote "NO" now this is irony in action. If the GOP doesn't want to be seen as being complicit with mass murder then they should vote "NO". If they are going to behave like the good little War hawks that they are then they will vote "YES". Either way the GOP is backed into a corner in which there is no way out. So GOP what is it going to be? Do you stand by your principles about opposing President Obama and the Democrats and vote "NO" in which case you keep the U.S. out of a conflict, or do you hold to your good little Neo-Con values and vote "YES" in which case you plunge us into yet another unethical and unwarranted Military action. 

A Morning thought...

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The Altar of Life!

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Gun Control Bill

Sandy Hook Elementary School Bill 



Senator Udall,


My name is Michael. I am a constituent of yours here in the great state of Colorado. I want to take this moment in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting to propose to you an Idea for a new Gun Control bill that I think you, your Fellow Democrats and Republicans should get on board with and pass into law. Now the following parts are an idea from a friend of mine who is a former U.S. Service member. His name is Paul, but his ideas, strike me as approriate and wll help to safeguard not only future citizens but also our rights as American citizens and our 2nd Amendment.


They are as follows:


1) Psychological evaluation required before buying any gun. If you don't pass, you don't get a gun.

2) A 100%, non-revocable ban on all assault weapons. No exceptions.

3) A 100% non-revocable ban on all "extended" magazines. No exceptions

4) Mandatory training in handling, cleaning and safe use of guns and rifles before being allowed to own either one.

5) Mandatory registration, along with rifling patterns of rounds, for all guns and rifles.

6) Revocation of gun ownership for failure to safely store guns and rifles which are accessible by minors. 

7) Automatic death sentence possibility for anyone using a gun in the commission of a crime.

8) If a family member gains access to your guns with or with out your consent. You as the owner will be held to account as accessory after the fact for any crimes committed by that family members use of the fire arm.


This bill is very simple, if you want to own a gun you need to do these things. Also the gun owner would have to be held accountable for the actions. Senator we need common sense laws to safe guard our lively hood and our lives. This Bill will enable us to do so, please help us. Get this measure passed.



Michael J. Simmons.



Maternity Mansions...

what are they? What if I told you that they are a means to get around out 14th Amendment. A means for a couple from another country to come to the US, have their child here and thus procure a US Citizenship for their child and then the family ups and leaves back to the country of origin.

Should a group/business/agency be allowed to set up shop with the expressed intent of offering a place for parents who live in other countries to come to the US and have their children for the express purpose of getting US citizenship for their children!?
Now please read, then feel free to comment. Please be respectful in your comments.

Those Evil European Settlers...

So here we are another Thanksgiving day and already the picture meme's are flying around on how the evil European settlers have come to new world with the intent of raping, pillaging and others wise steal everything from the Native American settlers. Honestly! is this what you think our ancestors came over on ships like the MayFlower (The Pilgrims), Discovery, GodSpeed or the Susan Constant (Jamestown). That they came over with their sights set on how best they can screw over the Native Americans. Let us forget the fact that the Native Americans did infact welcome those new settlers with some suspicion but also with open arms.
That in most cases they helped the settlers weather the first years here in this New World. It has only been through the years that we those settlers exploited a people that we considered friends. I choose to recognize this day as one of Thanks that thanks to those early Native Americans who through their sense of decency extended the hand of friendship and that one our early ancestors accepted with the same hand.  For those of you who wish to dwell in the mistaken belief that we came here to screw the Natives over, I feel pity for you at your small minded world view. But I leave you to it. 

The Freedom of Choice, is the Right to Hate

The Freedom of Choice is the Right to Hate. Is a sign held in the hands of an elderly gentlemen who was at the funeral of Matthew Shepard. These words strike me as very profound in meaning, because they are correct. As a Humanist we ask for tolerance, respect for peoples choices no matter how wrong headed or hearted they may seem. In this case, the gentlemen is correct. By giving the Freedom of Choice, we allow for all views to be heard and expressed.
We may not like what we hear, we will get mad at the idiocy of the statement and call the holders of these signs and more. Racist's, Bigot's or other such derogatory names. But then that makes us no better then they are, if we shut down their Freedom of Choice then what makes us any better then them. This is hard, because in writting this, I do support this man's views and trully it is a view I detest. Hate is a strong emotion, Hatred is derived from Anger which comes from Fear.
When we Hate, we fail to reason. We fail to use clear headed thinking and instead we rely upon on basest intincts which make us no better then animals. Hell even Animals are better behaved. The number of "Hate Crimes" we have in this country is an indicator of that behavior. It is a failure to reason, it is a failure to recognize that individuals Freedom of Choice. Lately groups like the Westboro Baptist Church, Individual members of the GOP and also just plain old people have been saying things that are down right Hateful.
However we have responded back with the same amount of Hate, we fail to respect their Freedom of Choice. We fail to respect their decision, no matter how wrong it feels to us. It is their choice, their decision. We as Humanist, if we are to hold to that title. Must allow for them to express their choice. Only through that level of tolerance and understanding will we be able to walk through the hatred, the ignorance and show them that Hatred has no hold.

Joust for the Halibut!

SINGLE OR NOT put this as your journal & see what you get

♥ = I want a relationship with you

C: = I'm falling for you

:3 = I miss you

;] = i really like you

:* = I want to kiss you

:< = I hate you

: X = I like you

O: = I like you but im in a relationship

:/ = I like you but your in a relationship

:] = You're cute

3 = I regret leaving you

:b = We should get to know each other

;^) = We should hang out

<3 = I love you.. o/

<:^ = i want to know you


eue= You're hot

<:3 = You're a great friend

^_^ = We're friends

^.^ = We're best friends

>;3 = I want you on top

>:3 = I want on top

Just wanting

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A feeling!

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Let me get this straight...

The school where I work at as a Security Officer, now wants to start allowing the students who use the student housing to park for free. Now this you think should not be an issue. I can tell you now, it will be. We have over three (3,000) students at this school. All who at some point in time come to the main campus. Of those 3k maybe 500 to 600 (if that) live in student housing. Now imagine yourself as a student who lives off campus not in the housing but on your own and like a good student you pay for your parking everyday in the garage. You make the considered effort to do so. Then you find out that if you choose to live at the student dorm you can park for free. Now as it stands the school offers two choices to students who live at the dorms, they are given a bus pass (about an $80 value) or they are given $50 in parking tokens. So those who take the tokens, effectively do park for free. But they still pay to park, now they may be able to just park for free. The school is looking into another color parking sticker and the like for the dorm students. All I can say and see is trouble on the horizon. Hell, i have put forth a suggestion of just charging a quarterly rate to purchase and/or renew ones parking sticker and just get rid of the token machine all together, but is that even heard. Nope! Not once or at all.

Should a bad mother be sterilized?

Found this article while online about what a Judge here in the states has done.

He has ordered that this individual not get pregnant for the next ten (10) years. Question should a mother and/or father be forced by the court if they are found guilty of knowingly not stopping a case of abuse or even better allowing it to continue, not be allowed to have more children. Is this an inalienable human right to be allowed to procreate or is it a privilege that can be taken from a person? Also what would happen if a judge ordered that said individual be sterilized? What are your thoughts?

Having difficulty

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Intimacy a simple word but it also has a lot of meaning deep and shallow. As of late I have been pondering my issue with intimacy. I am concluding that there is varying levels of intimacy. For me I am noting a need for emotional intimacy. Emotional contact, need, desire and want. I am married, but my wife has a different set of needs in the intimacy she wants it as sexual intimacy. The need desire, want to be loved sexually. Where I, I need emotional intimacy. A need to be loved, validated and made to feel wanted, needed.

Occupy Wall Street and Humanity

So I have been watching the Occupy Wall Street, and I cannot help but feel that these people reflect that which I was referring to. This is Humanity in all it's teeming masses.  These are the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of our teeming shore. These folks do not want a hand out. They want the ability to live, breath to know that each day they can go to work. That there job is going to be there. That they will be given a 'fair' chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Folks this is Humanity writ Large, these protest that are happening now in the United States, this is the revolution that Corporate America fear's. It has taken over two weeks for the Media to even latch on to this and start running with it and even now they are being given the short shift on it as they are playing up how the protesters (who have peaceably assembled) are arrested en-mass. 


To those who march in the protests in New York and in other Major American cities, my brothers and sister's my fellow Americans, my fellow Humans I salute your courage, your bravery. Stay the course, show all what it means to be American's. Help us to wake up and put Humanity back in the fore front as part of the American Dream. For the American dream is not about a house, a car and 2.5 kids. It is about the ability to pursue Life and Liberty and Happiness, not at the expense of one another but for one another. 

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